About my blog

“A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” - Tenneva Jordan

But the thing is I do care for pie! 

Of course as a mother you learn how to sacrifice and if it was between me or the babe even the mister of course I would give it to them hands down, but the thing is I just love to eat. 

I was a really skinny kid but once I moved here to the US I just started packing on the pounds and my weight problems began.  It was always up and down, I tried to stay pretty active with school sports and taekwondo but I still loved to eat.  I've tried diets after diets, counting calories and I would lose the weight, get in great shape and then my motivation would slowly drift away and my weight would slowly but surely come back.

But then in 2010 I had the most amazing thing happen to me, I had my little baby girl.  I know everyone said that it will be so life changing and that nothing will matter when shes here etc etc.  And they were so right and so much more, there is no better feeling than giving birth to your child.  The last push, hearing her cry, the feeling you feel is unbelievable.  No words can ever describe the amount of joy and love that you feel.

Nothing else mattered even myself. 

So here I am seven wonderful months later, I've managed to lose all the weight that I've gained during my pregnancy.  But its just not the same.  My legs and my arms have no definition.  I still have the chin I've collected while I was pregnant and I have a muffin top! 

Enough is enough, I can't be one of those moms that just let themselves go after having kids and most importantly, what kind of example will I be to my daughter?  Now more than ever, I am determined to lose this weight and become healthier.  Because I am not only doing for myself but also for her.  I do not want her to go through the weight issues that I went through (still going through) growing up. 

So here is it, me giving up the pie.  The first step to getting healthy.  I'll be documenting my journey to a healthier me, while trying to balance work, a relationship and being a new mom.