Tuesday, July 26, 2011

long time no blog...

*sigh*, with all the birthday party preparation that we've been doing lately. I've forgotten about my blog :/ I promise to update with party pictures soon. I can't believe she turned one this sunday. I've caught myself getting ready to cry a few times. So this whole week i've been reminiscing the last week I was pregnant. Do I miss it? Yes, kinda. Is it making me want more? Yes, kinda..but not anytime soon. We are financially stretched as it is.

So the day that I forgot about my blog is the day I forgot about my weight. I've been so stressed lately that I've gained like close to ten pounds since april. It makes me sad and want to eat more, you know cause im an emotional eater :( Im really mad at myself. And the more and more I see Camille copying things that I do the madder I get. I don't want her to have my weight issues. What is it going to take for me to realize?

Anyway, pictures soon and part 2 of venting post soon.
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