Saturday, March 26, 2011

Very Big Wake up Call

I had a very rude awakening yesterday.

I decided to do something that I've been putting off.....buying  a new suit for work.  Why have I been putting it off? Did you see my last post? Yes, thats why..*sigh* plus they are super expensive.  $198 just for the suit jacket! OMG!  Also since I've been losing weight I would really hate to spend all that money then have to turn around and spend more money to get it altered or buy a new one. 

So on to the rude awakening, as I'm trying on all these clothes in my old sizes, which I did manage to zip up, under bright unflattering fluorescent lights and infront of the three huge mirrors in this teeny tiny room, I saw the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen in my entire life!! I have the worst of back fat I have ever seen on anyone!  Not that i didn't know it was there, but its so much worst seeing it in there.

Honestly, I just have way too much of everything.  I have extra skin around my belly area that I now have a full muffin top.  It was easier to hide before but now there's no amount of sucking in that can hide that beast. 

Its very discouraging.  How in the hell do I get rid of that thing?  My baby is eight months now and it still looks the same as it did the same day I pushed her out.  It really put me in a depressed, insecure mode.  So I did what any normal woman would do in this very delicate state...

Buy shoes - because whatever weight I am, they will always fit and look darn good on me.  I am usually a very safe (black) shoe buyer.  But wanted to try something new :)  It will also go really well with......this outfit..that I haven't bought yet because I am also a sale shopper.  So I'm waiting..until then or I get an awesome coupon. 

I'm not complaining, ok maybe a little, but its not going to away until I do something about it And I will I just need to vent out a little.  :) Check back for more updates!


  1. Ooh I like the jacket! I know, the post-baby weight struggle is frustrating. My daughter's almost 9 months old, and I've got 20 pounds to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Blah...I feel your pain.

  2. I feel your pain. I have been there and done that, at least you didn't sit down and cry which sadly I have done :(
    Sorry, it has taken me so long to stop by and read your blog. I really appreciate your comment on mine. You will get to were you want to be soon enough, and buying a new suit that fits you really nicely will help you feel good about yourself. I hope you do check out the Paleo diet it has really changed my life for the better. BTW the shoes you got are too cute! :)
    I look forward to reading more about your journey! Good LUck!