Monday, May 23, 2011

a blog 6:00 in the morning, yes please!

Lo There was a huge storm the came through here at 4:30am. And ever since I became a mommy, I've become such a light sleeper. When Camille was teeny tiny, I was so nervous about her not being able to breathe or not waking up that I was always checking on her. I could hear every single thing she did.

Anyway besides the point, this storm was ridiculous. It only lasted about 30 minutes but I'm pretty sure it probably ruined alot of things on the property and residents will probably not have any power. So we'll have angry people yelling at me today.

Last week I started getting these weird hives. I've gotten them before but I thought that it was a reaction to shellfish. Well supposedly it's not. I have no food allergies according to the allergist and I did not eat shellfish at all in fear that this would happen. It's bad, just like will smith in Hitch. Remember that part? Yes I looked like that, only mine lasted for almost a week.

Now that didn't happen this time but it still scared me. They have no idea why I get them. They think it might be stress related, I did notice that everytime I think about something thats stressing me out this week I start getting really hot and they pop up. And talk about a stressful week, we moved and we're still not done. Moving was suppose to de-stress because it will save us money since I get a discount from work. But I hate moving. I hate change, I don't like living on property, oh so many things.

The babe and the mister are adapting well though, the babe is walking, really walking now so she's enjoying the new space to explore. And this place has a better flow and very open so she can play while I cook dinner and we can still see each other. The mister is glad to get away from our crabby neighbors. Who never liked us and nit picked every single thing we did!

So anyway, I guess I just needed to rant, I'll update everyone on the hives. Gotta get ready for work :/
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  1. We had a big storm last night, too, and it turned our power off for a few minutes and FREAKED my baby out! She woke up to loud noises and pitch darkness and was so scared.

    Hope your hives go far, far away!