Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm here I promise!

Just been super busy with um let's see LIFE. Holidays are so much busier with a baby. I always wonder what in the hell I did with my life before I had Camille. For easter every year we always go to the misters uncles house and my aunt's house.

This year was no different. But instead of going to the misters uncles' house they took us to a hotel that had A buffet. It was very yummy! The babe was so good EXCEPT she pulled someones mustache. I was soooooo embarrassed!!!!

Luckily everyone just thought it was a hoot and laughed it off. But anyway after that we went to my aunt's and last time we saw her I made these cake balls/cake pops and now she's obsessed. She's been encouraging me to make them as favors to sell. I would really like to do it but who knows.

Then I had a work it that I always get major anxiety from. But had fun. We did get stuck in Munfordville, ky because of those crazy storms. It didn't even rain there but tornados touched down 30 miles from us, way too close for comfort.

So since we've been so busy, you've guessed it. No work outs here and I've been so stressed I've been eating alot. I feel like im going backwards with this whole weight loss thing and on top of that its derby here is louisville, ky so that means chow wagon....which is exactly where were going today. I need will power do you know where I can buy those?
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