Monday, September 12, 2011

Unfulfilled dreams, promises and other stuff

Sept. 24 would have been the mister and i's wedding date. Not that we split up, we are still happily together. We are still happily together and...broke. it makes me sad thinking about it. We've talked about going to the courthouse and just doing it but frankly, i dont want to do that. I want the whole experience. Im only planning on doing it once, so damn it I wanna do it the way I want to. Right? I want to plan and do wedding things, pick songs and stay up all night making stuff and get wedding crazy. I want all that. (Or at least I think I do) i know that the mister wont care, he'd go at anytime. We've talked about just going to a sandals resort and doing it there with just a few people and then throwing a party once we get back here. That's probably what we'll do. Im just rambling now but anyway. Im thinking about changing my blog. I don't know to what, because im going to be honest I have not list any weight at all. I probably gained some which totally sucks. And right now I have too much going on to even worry about it. So I've been super bad. But my friend Shirin from diary of a messy kitchen ( sry i dont know how to linky thing through my phone hi Shirin!!!!) inspired me to keep up with my blog again. So here I am. Thinking of what to change it to! :) until next time!
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  1. Yay!!!! Hi Kris!! Can't wait to see what you decide to blog about!!!!!! :-)

    Also, you could always go to the courthouse and then have a party later on...but I TOTALLY understand the feeling of wanting to do it all at the same time and have it all when you're doing it! I think we'll all be supportive (at least I will be) whichever way you decide to go!