Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ohio Trip

We just got back from Ohio, literally.  I am still kind of sleeping, but I can't fully sleep.  So what else to do but blog right?  We visited just because, the mister and I have really busy schedules coming up sooooo we decided to visit family before we can't.  It was a short visit but it was a great visit and we got to go to TWO birthday parties, that we would normally miss so it was was fun!

Here's a few pictures:

The babe and the Mister

The Babe with Grandpa John

The babe and the mister playing in the tunnel

Clearly she was having a blast!

Her cousin Luke, she was kicking him off the chair and he doesnt understand why, you can see the confusion on his face

I think she was being her usual bossy self

The mister can't wait for a boy, he had so much fun playing with Luke

They were bouncing on the couch, so cute

First time at Chuck E Cheese! She had so much fun!


Its blurry but I love it!

Out like a light with Grandpa Murray, her BFF

She had so much fun.  Cuddling with Grandma Murray

We had so much, it was great seeing family

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