Monday, March 14, 2011

Dinner with some little monsters

So this past Saturday was the Big Lady Gaga concert here in Louisville, I unfortunately did not get a chance to go but all of my friends did.  But before the concert we all had dinner at this fairly new restaurant called Wild Ginger!  It's a Japanese Steak House without the teppanyaki grill. It was delicious, I had the white tuna sushi and it was amazing.  It melted in my mouth and tasted so fresh!  The mister had chicken terriyaki and a california roll (Shocker! he doesn't really like sushi) and the babe had some fresh orange slices which she absolutely loved!

It was really fun, we always have a great time when we hangout.  I was super excited to see everyone's outfits, but kinda disappointed to see that they weren't that crazy :(  My friends are very "creative" and a little "crazy" so I kinda expected a little more.  But everyone looked great regardless! 


I think everyone's outfits pretty much sums up everyone's personality.  LOL can you tell I'm the boring one?

I'm not going to lie, I was super jealous that I wasn't going, I think even the mister..MIGHT have wanted to go.  Before it was just so easy to be spontaneous to do these things (we never were but if we wanted to we could) but now between having to find a sitter and the money we'll have to spend, not to mention the 18 pound little beauty we have, its just not so easy. 

I just wish that I took advantaged of the free time that I use to have.

That night after we went home, everyone had so many facebook status updates about the concert and was so super jealous about not being able to go but as I was sitting there giving the babe a bath, while everyone was at that concert enjoying a memorable concert, I was at home with my two loves and enjoying our time together.  While I can go to another Lady Gaga concert another time, we will not always have times like this when she's little.  She's growing so fast already, I just want to cherish every moment. 

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