Sunday, March 20, 2011

The start to my Sunday

I dont understand, how is she so happy with so little sleep? ..oh wait thats me!

She's the love of my life!

Spying on kitty kitty meow meows....

Shes sensing somethings wrong...

Yikes! we've been spotted!

So busy!

Taking a break!

What a great start to the day! Getting ready to take the babe to the zoo for the very first time! It's a high of 70 in Louisville today and we're planning on spending it outside!  Hoepfully taking lots of pictures!


  1. Happy Babies are the best. She is a dolly baby. I hope you have fun at the zoo. The first time you take a baby to the zoo is always such fun.

    Stopping by via FLOB

  2. Louisville?! Me too!! Found you through FTLOB. Happy Sunday, and enjoy the zoo!

  3. so cute * funny kitty cat pics!

  4. Stopping by from FLOB! She's a cutie! Have fun at the zoo!!

  5. Also stopping by from FTLOB--she is so cute!! Love the pics from her perspective :D Hope the rest of your Sunday was great!

  6. Thanks everyone!definitely lovin the comment love!