Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a few new mommy thoughts....

My baby is almost walking. I'm so excited....and sad all in the same time :/

Here's the thing. I love that she's developing well and kinda early. But out of all her first, this is the one i'm not looking forward to the most. I just feel like its her saying hey I am no longer a baby but a toddler!

And I so miss her being so little and depending on mommy. This is the start of her independence. Soon she'll be in school, then we'll be picking out her prom dress, then she'll be graduating and moving away for college. Ok a little dramatic I know but u know what I mean.

Its the same feeling I had after I had her, when she stopped breast feeding, started to crawl...and im sure many more moments and firsts that I dont even want to think about. Its all very rewarding and sad at the same time.

Today was my very first official mother's day. My mister and the babe got me this really pretty necklace. Its in the shape of a heart and it had the babe's birthstone in it. I love it its sooo sweet and totally unexpected. Im not much of a jewelry person but I think i'm starting to like it! He just upgraded my ring and now this! He better be careful.

He took us to breakfast, walked around stores he doesn't like, took a nap, then he made us an amazing lasagna dinner! It was an awesome day and very thankful for my mister. I am trully lucky :)

Anyway I hope all the mommies had an amazing day.

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  1. omg she's so cute! I can't believe she's walking!!! Happy mommies day to you!!!